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Pretty Polly, Good Golly Molly, or Hello There Steve, Guess What They’re Wearing; Feathers

Say ah, men, to that or ooh-la-la, swagger, swish or shake it all there from the top, err, just there, below the shoulders, and down there where all the booty matters. How about that then? Sounds quite extravagant, doesn’t it? Whatever your thoughts on derring-do, swing a cat round the chandelier, tie it up in knots if you must, and bounce about like a cat on a hot tin roof as you make your way to the dance floor in your proud as a peacock feathers.

Who knows? Someone’s bound to notice. This is for those of you who have finally decided to break out of your eggshell. Is it chicken? Or does it need to be a bit bigger than that, say, like an ostrich egg shell. Ah, that’s a tough nut to crack. Or should that be; a tough eggshell to crack. Or is it going to be the shell of a peacock’s egg? No, it can’t be that one. What have we been saying all along? Proud as a peacock and all of that.

But if you want a bit more sophistication added to your dash, then by all means, do fly away gracefully with the ostrich feathers. Dark, rich and black, that’s how it’s got to be. And yes, with a certain, but not too much, sizzle of white. Add more sparkle and glow with silver, why don’t you. Is this possible? Of course it is. It has to be. All things are possible for those who dream the loudest. Speaking of which; how’s your singing voice these days.

peacock feathers

Still croaking? Oh, don’t worry about that. Be daring. Soon enough they’ll warm up to you. Ooh-la-la, and all of that.