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6 Good Reasons to Change Your Hair Color

Have you been thinking about changing your hair color, but keep convincing yourself against it? Spring is finally upon us, and if there is any time to make a momentous change, it’s the season of birth and regrowth. Still not convinced? Here are six reasons to change your hair color. Charlotte NC, by the way, has a wide variety of salon artists who can help you with professionally coloring your hair if that is the route you would prefer to take.

1: Altering your appearance is psychologically proven to help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety, because it tricks your mind into thinking of yourself as a “new” person.

hair color. Charlotte NC

2: It will make you feel good about yourself and give your confidence a major boost. Pair your new hair color with freshly done eyebrows and a facial and you’ll feel like an entirely new (highly pampered) person.

3: Dying your hair is one of those things that every person should do at least once. Kind of like a bucket list item for the fashion savvy.

4: Convincing yourself you won’t like it isn’t a valid reason to stop yourself. If you don’t like it, you can also either (A) dye it a different color in a few weeks, or (B) wait for it to grow back out – and trust us, it will.

5: Change is good for you, and although you may not realize it, dying your hair can help teach you to positively accept change and “go with the flow.” (Another one of those psychological tricks.)

6: Finally, why not? There is really no good reason to not change your hair color, so why keep wondering whether that red or black or – shoot- pink, looks good on you? Just go for it!